The Colourstone Team

Colourstone is family business established 12 years ago with Simon at the helm. He started ‘on the tools’ in the resin flooring industry 30 years ago. He’s joined by his son, Ben, who manages each site to ensure your project runs smoothly. And Sally, his wife, as the Managing Director who oversees everything else!

From its humble beginnings in driveway surfacing Colourstone grew quickly. Winchester Cathedral’s exterior surfacing is from Colourstone, as well as large commercial contracts for Redrow Homes, Colmar Construction and many smaller construction companies.

Are you a ...

  • > Homeowner looking to add value to your property?
  • > Architect needing an economically and environmentally sound surfacing solution?
  • > Facilities and groundwork manager needing to update a car park surface?
  • > Site manager for a council building?

You will get useful, honest advice from Simon and his team who will discuss the options and tell you which material is best for your project.

Simon Britton - CEO

Simon Britton

  • Managing Director
Sally Britton - Finance Director

Sally Britton

  • Managing Director
Julie - Office Admin

Ben Britton

  • Operations Manager
Julie - Office Admin

Sam Britton

  • Site Manager
Julie - Office Admin

Paul Langish

  • Team Leader
Julie - Office Admin

Adrian Tabor

  • Warehouse & Maintenance Manager
Julie - Office Admin

Mikey Ellis

  • Technician